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Manipur: photo credit PlaneMad/Wikipedia
Missionary Supported by Metro Church of God
Pastors K. M. Thankachen 
Facts about MANIPUR*

Area 22,300 On eastern border with Myanmar.

Population 2,526,000; 100 people/

Capital Imphal.

Main groups Meithei 1.3 mill.; Meitei Pangal/ Manipuri 350,000; Muslims 236,000; Assamese Muslims 97,000.

Scheduled castes 2%. Dalit (7) 2%.

Tribal or Adivasi (37) 34.4%. Chin-related (9 groups, Kuki, Thado, Paite, etc.) 375,000; Naga-related (5 groups, Tangkhul, Mao) 325,000; Mizo (2) 61,000.

Hindu 57.7%; Christian 34.1% (Protestant 31% Catholic 3.1%); Muslim 7.3%; Other 0.9%.

1 Nearly all the Naga, Kuki-Chin and Mizo have become Christians in the 20th Century. Baptists (21 denominations) and Presbyterians predominate. Sadly, during the 1990s civil wars broke out between Naga, Kuki, Paite and also action against the government. These denominational and ethnic conflicts severely hamper outreach by Christians to Muslims and Hindus. Pray for full reconciliation, ethnic harmony and a humble, sanctified cooperation among all who claim to follow Christ. There are hundreds of Manipur missionaries serving cross-culturally today.

2 The challenges:

a) The Meitei have been Hindu for three centuries. They invented the game of polo. A strong nationalism and independence has made them more open to the gospel. There are over 10,000 Christians in nearly 100 churches. Growth has slowed because of recent hostilities. The Bible and the JESUS film are available for them.

b) Muslims and other immigrant groups are largely unreached. There are some churches among the Nepalis, but most are still Hindu.

c) Drug addiction and AIDS have become a major issue – of 60,000 drug addicts, 40,000 are HIV+, but government and NGO efforts are beginning to reduce the incidence.


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